The Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club Community League (WWWCCCL) includes both the Westridge and Oleskiw neighbourhoods in Ward sipiwinyiniwak [see-pee-win-ee-wok] with approximately 1600 homes. Westridge is bound to the north by the Patricia Ravine and to the south by the Wolf Willow Ravine, extends to the east to the North Saskatchewan River and to the west to 170 Street. 

The majority of residential development in Westridge and Wolf Willow occurred during the 1970’s. In honour of the former Wolf Willow Farm, street names begin with the letter ‘W’, or include ‘wolf’ or ‘willow’ in them.

There is one playground in Westridge Park, located on Wolf Willow Road and another, Wolf Willow Park Playground, located in Oleskiw on Wanyandi Road. Both playgrounds are adjacent to maintained soccer fields.

Oleskiw overlooks the North Saskatchewan River valley to the east and south and features the Edmonton Country Club. Oleskiw is named after Joseph Oleskiw, a Ukrainian scholar who promoted immigration to Canada.

Pedestrian bridges across the river allow for foot and pedal access to Terwillegar Park and Fort Edmonton Park. The area is also popular with runners, dog walkers and cyclists.

The WWWCC Community Hall is a hub of activity on both weekdays and weekends. Programs include fitness classes, tennis, indoor and outdoor pickleball, children’s play groups and Westridge Wolf Willow Playschool.

The WWWCC Community Hall facilities include a gymnasium and meeting room for booking private events. Adjacent to the Community Hall is an expansive playground for children of all ages with a well-maintained outdoor ice rink, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts.