Soccer Player/Team Official Cards (Players and Coaches ONLY for U10 and up including Club)

I.D. Cards  for NEW players/coaches or expiring cards (check your card, expires 3 yrs from date printed) can be picked at 15430-93 Ave on the following dates:

  • April 11th, 2016  6pm-8pm
  • April 15th, 2016  6pm-8pm

Bring one legal form of identification (passport, driver’s license, birth certificate or AHCI if it has your full name on it).

Who needs a Player/Team Official card?
All Players, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers of the following groups are required to have an EMSA I.D./Player card:

  • U10/U12 City Wide (City Wide does not include U10 Community teams)
  • U12/U14 Community Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers (not players)
  • U16/U18 Community Players and Team Officials
  • All Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 teams (Club Teams)

U4, U6, U8 & U10 Community DO NOT require EMSA I.D. cards for their players or for their Coach, Assistant Coach or Manager for Outdoor.

There is NO grace period for missing EMSA I.D. cards. All players, coaches, assistant coaches or managers must have their cards for the first game. If a player does not have a card and they play then the team will forfeit the game. If the coach, assistant coach or manager does not have their cards then they will not be permitted on the bench/Field.

When can I get my player card?
2 weeks after applying at EMSA West Office (15430-93 Ave.) email will go out advising it has been received.

Players must be in attendance to have their picture done and must show 1 piece of LEGAL identification. (Birth Certificate, passport, driver’s license, Alberta Health Care Card). All I.D. must show full name – NO initials. NO school I.D.s will be accepted.