Park Rejuvenation

Our vision is to enhance each park with elements that will offer more space to socialize; more opportunities to challenge motorskills and play; and more reasons to be active and come together.

Both playgrounds will be enhanced with:

  • Shade shelter with tables
  • New benches
  • New trees
  • Additional play structure
  • New free standing pieces and/or interactive panels, if space/budget allows

Park specific elements:

Westridge will feature a “Tree Island” in the middle to offer extra seating (benches with small tables) among the beauty and shade of an Elm tree.

Oleskiw will receive an expansion to create space for the additional play structure.

How did the committee arrive at these concepts?

The committee was guided by our City of Edmonton (CoE) project team, extensive playground research, and several public/resident engagement surveys.

The goal is to offer valuable additions to each site, based on residents’ expressed preferences and within a reasonable budget around $250,000 per site. The top desired additions are 1) shade shelter, 2) tables/benches with shade, and 3) more play equipment. Other additions explored, but outside of the scope of this project include:

  • Bike Pump Track ($55,000)
  • Adult Fitness Equipment ($50,000)
  • Splash Pad ($100,000)
  • Splash Park ($750,000)
  • Rubber Surfacing ($200,000)

These items are unachievable due to the expense, noted above, and/or were considered unnecessary due to nearby neighborhood facilities.