Westridge Wolf Willow Country Club Community League (WWWCCCL) encompasses the area east of 170 Street and south of Whitemud Freeway.

The area is known for its picturesque park areas and over 1600 exclusive homes. View Map. WWWCCCL has an active community league.

The Community Hall is the hub of activity on both weekdays and weekends. Programs include ladies fitness, children’s play groups, sports and much more. Next to the Community Hall is an expansive playground for children of all ages with a well-maintained ice rink & tennis courts.

Another playground is located on Wanyandi Road.

For more information on the community, contact us at president@wwwcccl.com.

505 Wolf Willow Road Edmonton AB, T5T 4J3
Phone: (780) 481-3524 View Map

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